Monday, September 27, 2010

Sweet Nothings; Savory Everythings

This past weekend was jammed with activities which included the celebration of my fifth wedding anniversary.  Perhaps, I’ll start there.

We celebrated the evening with dinner at Emeril’s Chop House.  To summarize the experience in one word: SUPERB.  But the meal wasn’t as memorable as the day we exchanged vows.  Even the few months leading up to ‘the day’ are stamped in my mind.  I still remember the day we got engaged…that’s a great story for another time. 

To keep this post somewhat brief I’ll summarize as best I can:

1). Selecting my maid-of-honor was thought provoking.  I still believe that Christine was the perfect choice.  Throughout college she was my rock, saving me from terrible relationships (if that’s what we call them) and putting my head on straight – a few times. 

2). The plans quickly progressed from a low-budget affair to an all out elegant bash. 

3). I found the perfect dress; The perfect dress that my mother hated.

4). We mailed the perfect invitations; The perfect invitations that my mother hated.

5). I found the perfect shoes; the perfect (FLAT) shoes that my mother AND Andrea hated.

6). I had the perfect wedding party; the perfect party that hated each other.

7). We selected the perfect location for our ceremony.  Relatives didn’t understand why it wasn’t a Catholic church. 

8). Although I was feverishly working out I mysteriously gained twenty-five pounds in about three months time.  Turns out, I was very stressed.

9). Stress levels slowly became manageable with an obscene cigarette habit. 

10). I successfully micromanaged my wedding, down to checklists for the ‘key players’ on THE DAY.  (Let me know if you need a template for your event).

11). Andrea and company threw a hell of a rehearsal dinner.  It’s amazing how a non-descript church common room was transformed into our own little paradise. 

12). I received my late mother-in-law’s refurbished pearls from my soon-to-be husband along with a beautiful letter from him, that I read before I went to bed.  Tears of joy soaked my pillow.

13). A strange calm fell over me as I woke on September 24, 2005.  Everyone around me was moving at warped speed – bunch of crazies. 

14).  Marcus spent $100 on a bullshit breakfast tray from Panera.  I’ll never hear the end of that one. 

15). Andrea and Karen helped me put my dress on.  When it was discovered that the skirt was two inches too big, I laughed.  They freaked out. 

16). My Mom, bro Matt, Matt’s then lady friend and my beautiful girls got out of the limo bus while I stayed behind with my Dad.  It was a moment to cherish, but the silly driver, a nervous Nelly, wouldn’t stop talking to us!

17). I started to shake…the flutes kicked off Pachelbel’s Cannon in D…the girls started the procession…I took a huge breath, but choked on it.  Squeezing my Dad’s hand as he held me up, we walked down the aisle.  I sobbed like a baby.  And Marcus shed a tear.

18). My photographer likes to talk.  A lot.  All the time.  But, damn, he takes great pictures.

19). We visited my late mother-in-law’s grave site to lay yellow roses, her favorite.  Wished I could have met her. 

20). The Hotel Bethlehem sure knows how to throw a party.  And my Dad’s frat brothers sure know how to have a good old Italian time. 

21). Our DJ took credit for the dinner CD we created.

22). My Mom drank and danced; Karen drank and argued with the front desk on the whereabouts of her luggage (which my brother forgot to pack in his car) and an estranged friend sobbed on my shoulder. 

23). My kick-ass college friends hung out on the front steps of the hotel waiting for the pizza delivery guy while making friends with all the Celtic Fest riff-raffs. 

24). I pulled seventy-five pins out of my hair after deconstructing my twenty-five pound Swarovski crystal accented dress. 

25). It took about seven days for the feeling to return in my toes.  Damn, gorgeous shoes!

26). Next time, I’ll have a destination wedding, but keep the groom.