Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Perfect Job: An Open Letter

Yup.  I think I found the perfect job, but it’s not mine.  Sure, I applied and believe that I’m close to qualified.  I feel that I crafted one hell of a cover letter and I’m sure that I won’t get a call for an interview.  History repeats itself – twelve years of rejection.  Here’s my story:
In 1995 I left Allentown, PA to embark on a mission – a college mission.  Unsure of my academic path, I oozed confidence in my social journey.  On a sweltering August day my family helped me move into a college dorm on Staten Island, NY.  Oddly enough, I was assigned to a room on the thirteenth floor (I thought they didn’t ‘exist’) of a building appropriately named Harborview Hall.  It stood tall on the northeast side of the grounds, overlooking the New York Harbor and a skyline that was home to the Twin Towers.  My five years on that campus (yea, I spent an extra year to focus on my social journey) gave me more knowledge and experience than I ever asked for.  After grappling with an ideal major for a few semesters I settled on a focus in the English Arts.  The program focuses on the development critical reading and creative writing.  We read A LOT: African American Literature, American Literature, every Shakespeare play and sonnet (twice, since I had to repeat the class), classic fairy tales (ruined forever) and volumes of poetry.  I wrote A LOT: micro-fiction (ultra short stories), stories, poetry and papers – lots and lots of papers.  My final paper was for an independent study surrounding the works of the late poet A.R. Ammons.  I wrote a thirty page thesis on Ammons’ use of bird imagery in his writings.  Sure, sounds boring, but I was in love. 
I returned home after a few dead end months post-graduation.  I lacked guidance to get my buns in gear to obtain a real job in which I could apply my knowledge.  I crammed all my belongings into my childhood bedroom and started applying for local jobs.  All the while, I spent two weeks living on the couch watching the 2000 Olympics.  Damn, I can’t get enough of the swimming!  Unfortunately, most places did not find me qualified for much of anything, let alone a job that paid more than $10 an hour.  I had no experience.  No publishing experience, no retail experience, no writing experience, no! no! no!  I eventually interviewed for a secretary job at a health network and was hired on the spot.  Fast forward eleven years – I’ve grown to love healthcare (even got a master degree in health care administration – ahem, with honors), but I would love the opportunity to showcase my writing in a more professional forum.  Don’t get me wrong, I love all five of you that read my stuff. 
Aside from the technical requirements I need to have energy (check) and be passionate about fitness (check).  Being a runner is a plus (check).  I was not in the market for a new job; I like what I do. I might not have the experience that they’re looking for, but I think I’d be the perfect candidate.  Take a chance on me.  I’m up for the challenge.  After all, this is the perfect job.