Sunday, October 23, 2011

Muffin Madness 2?

For the new readers you’re probably wondering what defines ‘Muffin Madness’.  Well, ya see, I’m Muffin and I can be a little crazy.  Sometimes I can be a lot crazy.  What’s more nuts than ‘a lot’ crazy? Sheer madness.  And, since I enjoy words, the alliteration was like icing on the cake, or maybe glaze on the muffin?  The term ‘Muffin Madness’ came into being in June of 2010 as the name for my solo marathon – all the credit goes to Jeff Browne.  Good thing he doesn’t get royalties; the man would be rich!

I’m not a leader – anything from it.  I’m a follower that takes it to another level.  The solo marathon wasn’t my idea, but I went for it.  This proposed challenge wasn’t my idea either, but I have been giving it some serious thought.  I accept most dares and challenges with a glimmer in my eye.  I enjoy bringing people along for the ride and this next event will be no different – if I choose to embark on the journey.  Help me out here.  First, some background information.

A few of my friends, just new to the running scene, expressed interest in signing up for a half marathon.  Runners who live in the Lehigh Valley run the St. Luke’s Half Marathon (formerly know as the Lehigh Valley Half Marathon).  I ran it twice and hoped to have run this year, but I was too pregnant for it to be an honest consideration.  While perusing the LV Running Scene website I noticed that the registration for the April 29, 2012 half marathon would be approaching.  I e-mailed the newbies to alert them of the sign up date with all intentions of signing up myself.

Just a few weeks ago I created a Tough Mudder team, Will Beer for Run (yes, I stole that from someone else, too), thinking that I’d be the only female in the group.  It’s still early in the game, but there is only one girl with mild interest.  Eh, whatever, another event in which I’m the only chick.  It’s all good, I guess, taking one for the team…representing…girl power and all that crap.  Originally, the Mudder was scheduled for April 21/22, 2012 at Bear Creek.  The date and location change didn’t deter me, so I registered and updated my buds. 

‘Rut-roh, Shaggy!’  (this phrase also isn’t mine)  My friend Chris advised me that we would be doing the Mudder, in the Poconos, on April 28, 2012, one day before the St. Luke’s Half Marathon.  My heart sunk.  I wanted to race the half again and hopefully beat my 2010 PR, but I needed to conquer the Mudder.  Besides, I plunked down $100 for it.  Sheesh.  “Who says you can’t do both?”  Really?  Did Chris really say that?  C’mon, you know me.  This IS a challenge.  This IS Muffin Madness.

Here’s what I’m thinking -

I do the Mudder on April 28th AND the St. Luke’s Half Marathon on April 29th. 

Simple statement, lots of Madness. 

Of course, I don’t want to do this alone.  I want to bring people to the funny farm with me.  I think it’ll be a hoot.  I’m thinking big…t-shirts, more cowbell, fans and I’d like to raise some money for the Lance Armstrong Foundation.  I ask you (the five of you out there who read this crap) for your opinion, your ideas, your thoughts.  Whadda think?  Yea, I’m mad, that’s the point. 

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