Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Tis the Season for a Challenge

Each year that passes yields another twelve months of good intentions.  Thanksgiving approaches with a focus on family, friends and humbling offerings.  Most of us cheer the high life and vow to not take anything for granted.  A few days pass and this mantra fades only to be rejuvenated mid-December as Christmas quickly descends upon us.  Again, we hope to live up to the hype of generous, selfless giving, but we're swept up in the unbelievable holiday sales; we spoil ourselves and our children instead of paying mind to the true spirit of the season.  It's a vicious cycle that kicks off every year.  
Now, too, is the time where we shift our attention to the gluttonous behavior that tipped the scales and left us feeling lethargic.  We are aware that these holiday's bring family and friends together with food...and lots of it.  Work parties, happy hours, brunches and early buffet style dinners litter our calendar.  We are aware that most people, indulging at these social events, pack on a few pounds within a two week period.  But, alas, we continue to belly up.  I'm not writing to preach.  I camped out with a pint of Karamel Sutra just the other night (ahem, but I didn't eat the whole thing - teehehe).  A wise doctor once told me that an occasional indulgence is okay, if not healthy.  Sure, I'll buy that for a dollar!  
As another year comes to a close we're immediately smacked in the face by reality.  The reality is that we didn't take care of ourselves, nor did we accomplish everything we thought.  The close of 2011 shouldn't be a time to focus on perceived failure, rather, these last few days give us the opportunity to start fresh and move forward.  There's no looking back.  The past is just that.Twenty-twelve gives us a clean slate to challenge ourselves whether we hope to lose weight, eat less fast food or focus on family.  I said it before: This is an opportunity; don't let it pass you by.  Before you know it, Thanksgiving will be around the corner.