Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Sweet (and Possibly Savory) Little Things

Since my last post life has been nothing shy of routine and relaxed.  Sure, I recovered from the impromptu altercation over a fender bender and I survived a five day trip to Vegas, sans husband and children.  I think he survived, too.  The overly used phrase ‘What happens in Vegas…blah, blah’ was not the mantra for one loose-lipped member of our traveling team.  So, for the record, I kept the shenanigans among the Vegas group. 

Being away from my family for those days gave me time to reflect.  Of course, I spent time at the conference and of course, I made it a point to eat well; not to mention, I reserved some time for adult beverage indulgences, but I had the luxury of spending two separate visits (a total of four hours) in the Caesar’s Palace Roman Baths and Spa area.  W-O-W.  This experience gave way to a nirvana of quiet time and body rejuvenation.  All guilt of being 2500 miles away melted as I slipped on my robe, just pulled from it’s own sauna.  The stress in my legs, a result of half marathon training, slowly escaped as I crept into the 55 degree soaking tub.  I spent time in the cedar and steam saunas before finishing up with a brief entry into the Arctic Room. 

All these luxuries let me reflect upon the little sweet (and possibly savory) nothings that are typically taken for granted.  Here’s a short list, off the top of my head, in no particular order.

Lavender Earl Grey tea with sugar and cream.  Espresso flavored tequila.  NY style pizza.  The smell of fresh cut grass.  A child’s discovery of their hands.  Chocolate milk after a long run. My moon roof.  Brie and ripe pears.  Toasting marshmallows over the fire pit while lounging on our patio.  Running with friends.  Running with my family.  Running alone.  Summer tomatoes, fresh off the vine, dancing with sea salt and a splash of olive oil.  Crock pots.  Cucumber sandwiches.  Swimsuits and bare feet.  Moroccan oil.  Hot baths.  BioFreeze.  Books about running.  Books about epidemiologic disasters.  Sangria and mojitos.  Cooking shows.  Massages with aromatherapy.  Figs with honey.  Writing.  Grilled steaks, medium rare.  Lemonade and iced tea.  Avocados with lime, salt and blue tortilla chips.  Sneaking kisses from my girls.  Settling into a snuggle with my hubbs.  Spending three hours on a technical trail.  Setting ridiculous goals which typically push my body to the max.  Tea pots.  Thanksgiving dinner.  Daydreaming.  Water ice. The elegance of a fountain pen.  Black tie dinners.  Clean sheets.  Older couples holding hands.  Memories.  College notebooks.  Old photos.  Water with crushed ice.  Sand in my toes and the ocean in my ears.  Rosemary trees.  Cherry blossoms.  Compression socks and running skirts.  A good knife.  My Keurig.  Soft hands; smooth legs.  Chirping birds at 5 am.  New baby smell.  Coming home to dinner being done.