Saturday, May 26, 2012

Sweet Nothings Are Sweet Everythings

In February, I posted an entry with some of ‘the little things’ that put a smile on my face, warm my heart and ease my mind.  I was reminded late last week that there are so many little unexpected moments that could mean the world.  It could be the starburst glimmer in my Ava’s eyes or seeing my Allison pucker up her baby lips.  These moments, gestures, experiences, visions…deserve to be bottled up in my heart forever.  Here’s a few more:

Watching my girls play in the grass on a spring evening.  Running water logged trail in the mist of a humid, morning shower.  Discovering the ultimate Pandora station.  Catching a glimpse of a beautiful girl as she’s off to a prom.  Hearing my ‘applause’ tree sounding in the breeze.  Glistening dew drops.  Planting flowers in warm mud.  Running my fingers though freshly washed hair.  Holding my kids while they sleep on my chest.  “Can you color with me?”  Okay…bye.  :)