Monday, June 11, 2012

Not Yet Procrastination…Not Yet.

I read a blog post tonight that talked about marathon training.  The author began her eighteen week program today.  The best part about training, aside from the excitement surrounding the future race, is the first day is a day of rest.  How sweet!  This innocent post slapped me in the face; I need to pull myself together and assess which training plan I’m going with.  Additionally, I sadly realized that I haven’t published anything in a while.  I wanted to crank out Tough Mudder stuff, recap of the past year (in lieu of my daughter’s first birthday) and just other stuff.  I’m a slacker.  Actually, I’m a little busy, both work and home.  When I have a free moment I usually sleep through it.

So, today, I finally realized that I need to ‘buckle down’ (flashback: Mom saying this over and over about my high school studies) and initiate Operation Philly Marathon Attack.  I recruited two sorority sisters to join me in November for this momentous occasion.  After all, the Philly Marathon will be my first organized marathon. 

As the blog post suggested I’m going to check out the ‘Train Like A Mother’ book to see what that does for me.  I also have a good training program from ‘The Complete Book of Running for Women’.  Philly will be my first organized marathon, so I’m going in with open eyes and open ears.  Does anyone have a training plan they rely on?  Care to help a girl out?