Monday, October 20, 2014

Dropping Knowledge

I've been off of work since Thursday and it already feels like a two week hiatus.  I spent Thursday morning on the road for 5 miles, followed by teaching a Vinyasa flow-style yoga class.  The afternoon was filled with a parent/teacher conference, a trip to visit my brother at work, a quick grocery store stop and a quiet evening at home.  Friday, which will remain detail-less (your welcome you know who you are), except for a kids run in the evening.

My Cuties

For the third year in a row, I would be participating in the Runner's World Half and Festival 'Hat Trick' held in Bethlehem, PA.   The event features kids runs, 5K, 10K, dog run and a half marathon over the course of three days.  The Hat Trick event is a compilation of the 5K, 10K (Saturday) and the half marathon (Sunday).  With two weeks to the NYC Marathon, the races would just add mileage to my bank.  I'm on the downhill slope of my marathon training; slapping three races in the mix would just be icing.  So many details to share, but this post is not a race report.
I learned a lot just in these three days - I'll call them snippets of information that will be useful in my future, and maybe yours.

  1. There's no real need to shower before a race.  You're gonna have to shower again anyway.
  2. Pinning the bib BEFORE you put on the shirt will ensure the placement isn't 'all jacked up'.  Genius.  Can't believe I've never done this before.  Just watch those pins
  3. Seek out the best bathrooms.  When presented with the option of a portable potty in the middle of a parking lot or an indoor, heated bathroom, choose wisely.  
  4. 40 degrees isn't yet cold enough to produce a substantial snot rocket.  (Jealous of your runner friends who 'nail' the rocket every time?  Learn here.)
  5. In a race, you will usually encounter runners who do any one of the following (avoid these people at all costs):
    • breathe heavily as if they're being intimate or violently passing away
    • stop short at a water station causing a runner pile up
    • run with music so loud that it pulls you away from your rhythmic breathing practice
    • play the run fast past then run slow in front of you game
    • pass gas
    • chant mantras (such as 'I love Muffin')
    • yell incessantly at other runners (oh wait...that's me)
  6. If you're running with friends, and you encounter any of the above people, give each other strange looks and giggle...a lot.  
  7. Before attempting to spit during a race, ensure your perimeter is clear, THEN CHECK AGAIN.
  8. When running a half marathon in Bethlehem, PA, if multiple spectators inform you that there's 'one more hill' do not believe them.  They're lying.  
  9. Drinking water out of soft Deer Park cups tastes like crayons.  It's wiser to keep the cup away from your mouth.  (And yes, I have eaten crayons).
  10. If a shuttle bus is available, gather your friends and sit in the back.  Cause trouble.  Repeat.