Sunday, August 16, 2009

To Podcast or Not To Podcast

By now, almost everyone knows that I have an iPhone.  It’s complicated to explain why I express so much excitement over this phone.  Those with one understand.  It’s not really a phone…it’s a personal assistant, a competitor and a friend.  Perhaps, I’ve gone a little overboard, but regardless…that’s me.

So when the iPOD first came out a few years ago I most definitely wanted one.  Sure the colors were awesome and yes, I was driving a Volkswagen Beetle, but aside from that screaming stereotype, I was tired of going to the gym with my one hundred year old Sony Walkman.  It wasn’t the embarrassment of being seeing in public with my beloved, bright yellow Walkman, rather it was so annoying to find a tape worthy of being played while I worked out.  All my music were on CD or some type of non-tape format.  :)   It was so time consuming to make a mixed tape and more of a headache to fast forward to the next song when I wasn’t in the mood for it. 

My hubby, boyfriend then, bought me a SanDisk mp3 player for my birthday in 2003.  It was AWESOME.  I was so excited to put whatever I wanted on it…AND THEN WALK PROUDLY INTO THE GYM.  That mp3 player sustained my music need until early this year.  I started running not too long after I had Ava in February 2008 and only naturally, when began to build my endurance I was running for longer periods of time.  Did I tell you that my mp3 player had only 512 storage?  Yeah.  This didn’t allow for enough flexibility to skip one song…over the course of an hour I’d be at the top of the play list again.

SO…I was in a position to possibly get an iPOD.  Why was I so hung up on this?  I don’t know.  I didn’t drive the Beetle anymore and I had been eating meat regularly for at least 4 years…what gives?  There were so many options…and they came in shiny colors.  Sold!

But, for whatever reason, the hubby was anti-iPOD and I would up doing research on all other devices outside Mac.  I found a great video mp3 player and purchased it…I wouldn’t call it ‘settling’ because I fell in love with it.  With 16G of storage it blew my other one out of the universe. 

Get to the point.


Hubs comes home one Monday evening with an iPhone.  I’ll spare you the silly details, but wow.  What an amazing little piece of technology.  It was like the start of a new relationship; we were attached at the hip, always looking at each other, sneaking away to be alone…trying to learn as much as we could about the other.  Glorious.  During the early stages of my journey I discovered that this phone is more than a phone…it’s an iPOD, too.  Hmmm, loop hole!  The next discovery down iPOD lane was the podcast.  I heard the term a million times; I knew what it was, but I had never experienced it for myself.

Well, knock me down…there are a boat load of podcasts out there.  Self help, cooking, fitness, science, religion…the list is endless…and can get quite bizarre.  I subscribed to a few podcasts and was blown away.  I get a weekly yoga podcast, so I can take a class whenever I want.  I also subscribed to a running podcast (the format is brilliant) which I enjoy thoroughly.

During the running podcast, the caster goes into some detail about the broadcasting of it.  It sounded detailed, but I think he’s just meticulous…so why couldn’t I do this?

Sometimes my mind gets ahead of me and I dream up these fantastic scenarios until reality slaps me in the face.  I have so much to talk about…I think the podcast would be a great venue for me…but…really?  What would I talk about?  How long would I talk?  How often would I broadcast?  Could I potentially offend people?  or even worse, break some sort of copyright laws?  So many questions.

Maybe I should just stick to the infrequent blogging?