Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Podcasts, Books & Blogs

It bothers me that I’ve, again, gotten so busy that I don’t have time for some of my personal pleasures.  I have grown fond of listening to a weekly runner podcast, reading my anatomy books and of course, blogging.  This busy activity creates a whirlwind of chaos.  Now, I have weeks of podcasts to listen to, I’m not exactly sure where my anatomy book is physically located and I’m worried that my two regular readers are disappointed that I haven’t generated some meaningful words in a while.  I’m sorry.

Another day of work…another morning of rushing around getting things in order and getting me, and the little girl, out the door so I can make an 8 am meeting…on time AND prepared.  Whew.  Tough feat, but I continue to deliver.  Perhaps I’m an Olympian when it comes to this type of thing. 

One of my superiors took a few moments out of their busy morning to speak to me about my job.  To put it mildly, I’ve been a little frustrated.  I was told that I ‘throw myself’ into the responsibility, but I need to find some balance and walk away at the end of the day.  Easier said than done. 

Since I am working overnight…tonight into tomorrow morning, I left today at noon.  I had one agenda item – hit the gym.  I wasn’t in the mood to run on a treadmill, so I donned a suit, cap and goggles to swim a few laps.  Hardly anyone occupied the pool which meant that I had a lane all to myself.  The cool, blue water rolled over my cap as I started my first lap.  The only sounds were my nasal bubbles and the pounding of my heart in my head.  I think I started to relax a little…I know, I know…yes, the yoga instructor has some trouble relaxing. 

I switched between freestyle and backstroke, not my favorites, but definitely the easier of the four strokes for me.  I probably continued for about thirty minutes and headed to the hot tub.  I think I zoned out in there.  I started to reflect on the morning’s conversation and my mental state.  I tucked myself into a corner, between two powerful jets and stared through the steam.  I must have lost about ten minutes of my life; when I came to I was walking out of the tub and into the sauna. 

I laid down on the cedar plank and zoned out again.  Fearful that I’d spend too much time in the sauna I grabbed my stuff and got changed. I’m not entirely sure what I thought about, but I definitely know what I didn’t think about.  It felt good.

I made a dash to my car (ugh, the weather today) and headed to the nearest grocery store for a quick lunch and a few items.  I arrived home around 3 pm and started dinner, while listening to a podcast from January.  I should probably take a nap right now, considering I’ll be up for at least 5 1/2 more hours, but I’m more concerned about finding my anatomy book and finishing this blog.