Monday, August 16, 2010


Occasionally my memory fails me.  But, the things I do remember…ah, the things I do remember…

Today, I thought about my A-2 girls. 

Pictures.  Twenty-one and the Hurricane.  Tequila.  Red paint.  19th Hole.  Purple Horseshoes.  The Fall Semester of Q.  Erin’s Tree.  Homecoming.  Tommy’s baseball.  Bob Fosse.  Theater crazies.  Towel the door.  13th Floor.  Iguana.  “I need a pledge.”  208.  Sweathogs.  Jungle Juice.  Moccasins.  Purple Haze.  Clockwork.  Newports.  Bleeding ears.  Take the edge off.  Bagel sales.  The tapestry of lost souls.  Security George.  Quick chicks with a transfer.  $5 cabbies.  Cubes.  Playing anchor.  Trees…lots of trees.  Kaelber’s boots.  Electric.  Hameggandcheese, saltpepperketchup onacrossiant.  Joy ride.  Gazebo.  Our crazy cleaning lady.  Six pack stalkers.  Ringworm kitties and AWOL hamsters.  IROC Jay.  Frank W. Schiermyer.  Suicidal furniture.  Rooftop July 4th.  Jeremy’s.  Off duty cops.  Painting the BQE.  The spirits of the monastery.  International affairs.  Jesse…where is this guy?  Fake ID’s and paper bags.  Speaking in tongues.  Lighting matches.  Trick.  Fruity Pebbles.  Pumpkins and Springsteen.  My Fahrenheit 451.  Harmonicas and boxed wine.  Love and heart break.  Lust and murder.  Laughs and tears.  Crown Palace.  The Oval Office Sessions.  Non-filtered Camels.  Loren’s goldfish.  Mattress sauna.  Fluff and stuff.  Vander-fill-in-the-blank.  First Wives Club.  “From coast to coast…”  Scandalous.  Stripping brunettes.  Stat girl.  Books and bracelets.  All-nighters; hangovers.  Shakespeare.  Roaches.  Everything but the kitchen sink.  “ALLOTTAFAGINA!”  Tea with a spot of Beasties.  Twin towers.

Love.  Loyalty.  Sisterhood. 


Tau Kappa Sigma Founder’s Day 2004