Monday, April 29, 2013

Half Thoughts

I expect to compile a full race report from yesterday's gorgeous half marathon held in the Lehigh Valley, PA, but there are a few things I don't want to lose memory of...

At the starting line, every runner grabbed the hand of their neighbor during a moment of silence for Boston. It was a powerful moment.

I started the race with all intentions of breaking my standing course time (and half PR); this didn't happen. I caught up to and hung strong ahead of the 1:55 pace group with a slow move towards 1:50. By mile 6 I could feel my feet giving out on me. It was a disappointing moment considering my legs were strong and I felt great.

As usual, I hit the Parkway and HATED it (please read with Damon Wayans' character voice - if you don't get that reference you're too young to read this. Please Google In Living Color).

For the first time in my five years of racing I ran off the course and found a good tree. :)

The weather was gorgeous. I haven't run in that weather since last summer...I think that might have been the icing on my feet.

And with my feet bandaged, I start another Monday morning. Happy day!

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