Sunday, September 29, 2013


Clearly what I wrote a few minutes ago shouldn't have been published. The technology gods frowned upon my candid thoughts and decided to auto delete my draft post. Damn, I thought it was pretty good. Something about a downward spiral, roasted potatoes and a Yip Pip. 
The last few weeks have been outta control. I am piecing everything together only to discover that there is a different picture underneath. I've made enough subtle changes over the past fourteen days that my focus has shifted to be more in the present as opposed to the past or future. I'm sitting here, at my kitchen table, finishing a delicious Rum Chata chai while taking a few deep breaths. I am not anxious about the day ahead - first work/school day without the hubby (includes two swimming lessons in the evening). Dinner is already ready to go, car is packed, lunches made and the morning plan is good as gold. Among all the business, Project Muffin will continue as planned. The process of reframing and remodeling cannot end.  
As the soreness from this morning's yoga teacher training class sets in, I am thankful this program came into my life. I knew emotionally that I needed to get myself back to the mat and this training would be the vehicle to get me there. I would be given another opportunity to finish what I started (read: and bring focus back.