Saturday, January 4, 2014

Baby, It's Cold Outside

In case you live in a bubble, or Florida, it's stinkin cold in the Northeast.  It's the kind of cold that forces me to wear a hat around the house.  It's the kind of cold that makes me envision moving to Arizona.  It's the kind of cold that reinforces my love for summer (ahhhh...OBX...).
After Thursday night's snowfall, I stayed home with the kiddies Friday.  Alli's daycare, historically hardcore, closed and Ava didn't have school.  Normally, I would have made alternate arrangements, but I felt I needed to take the day.  It's a funny statement considering I had Tuesday AND Wednesday off.  When you put in thirteen plus (!) years with a company the volume of vacation I accrue is just ridiculous.  I earned the time, so I took it.  Booya.  By Friday night I became a little stir crazy knowing that the frigid temperatures would derail any outdoor activity we might have planned.  Oh well...  The girls enjoyed leftover turkey and cheese quesadillas while the adults picked around the fridge.  We wrapped up the evening with hot tea and cookies.  I bundled the girls in snuggly jammies and tucked them under a few layers of blankets.  I, on the other hand, pulled up my hood, wrapped my skull and crossbones Snuggie around my body and passed out on the couch.  I never made it to bed.  The thought of shifting my weight away from the warmest part of the couch seemed like the beginning of a Shakespeare tragedy.  I woke at 4:30 am with the urge to hit the bathroom.  Nope.  I held off and passed back out.  I was willing to take the risk.  Around 8 am, a little body began poking my calves telling me to wake up.  Instead, I grabbed that little girl, pulled her up over me to snuggle in the hot box I created.  We must have hung out for twenty minutes before my oldest came downstairs.  The three of us piled in the corner of my couch to keep each other warm.  Of course, we were being dramatic, as the house temperature was 65.  Sure, that's cold, but it wasn't unmanageable.  That pellet stove was working hard.  Normally, the temp of the first floor, with the stove burning, hovers between 70 - 85 degrees.  Not today.  
Stay warm...