Monday, May 5, 2014

All in the Name of Fashion

I'm home, on my couch with a full belly. I'll pass out soon.

I spent the evening exploiting myself in the name of fashion and yoga. I think that last part is an oxymoron.

I ate light all day knowing I'd be modeling form fitting clothing at an event. My hollow belly yelled at me during my hair and make-up session.

Hours later, I thankfully slithered into my favorite jeans and my Rangers tee (they suck, BTW) before heading home.

Mindful eating flew out the window as I shoveled food into my face. Now my belly is saying other things.

I need to motivate myself to get off this couch.


It's caked on.
So happy to be in jeans.

I had a decent time meeting other yoga instructors in the Valley, but I realized that what I did, is everything I'm not.

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