Sunday, July 12, 2015

Redeeming Confidence

This past week has been nothing shy of absolutely crazy.  An out of state concert, the usual after work/camp activities, multiple incomplete trips to the grocery store and the preparation for an upcoming vacation to the shore — I should not be surprised that my training runs haven't been the best.  Truth be told, I was unable to complete my Wednesday speed workout mainly due to insufficient sleep and the high humidity.  The week slowly began to collapse around me as time continued to peel off the clock.  I needed to make peace with my poor excuse for a workout and move on.  I struggled in a sea of doubt, silently crying out for a life preserver.  A boost in my confidence was vital to the success of my training.  If I couldn't finish an hour of tempo repeats, how on earth could I accomplish my upcoming LSD (long slow distance) or a full marathon.  Crap.
Thursday's short run added a flicker of hope in what would be the pre-vacation masterpiece of my longest run in the plan to-date.  My family and I would be driving to North Carolina early Saturday morning; a plan that voided any chance of an LSD.  My long run would be Friday morning before work.  I organized all my running accessories that evening — hydration bottle, electrolyte tabs, headlamp, Body Glide, shoes/shirt/socks/shorts.  As if my house didn't already seem unkempt, the latest spread of items certainly pushed it in that category.  Following a yoga session, I had a bite of protein to eat before turning in for the night.  
My alarm called to me at 4:15 am Friday morning.  I could have snoozed until 4:30 and pushed out my start time even later, but I had to nail this run.  Time was against me; I still needed to work, do laundry, finish packing and just relax.  Slow and steady would be my mantra.  I walked out into the darkness with a beacon of light illuminating the space in front of my feet.  With the start of my watch, I was off gunning for an adjacent neighborhood to meet up with a friend.  Exactly two hours thirty-five minutes later, I stopped my watch and began a brisk walk towards home.  
Long run — check.
Friday work day — check.
Car packed — check.
I am in North Carolina's Outer Banks for the week, using the break from my usual every day to unwind and recharge.  My training will continue and even include a 5K race mid-week.  Already I feel the disappointment and stressors of last week washing away like the surf from my feet.  I must remember that this training is difficult by design; I must adapt to the ever-changing conditions, whether physical, mental or external.  For now, I'll flow like the waves in the ocean.  

1st OBX Run