Sunday, January 16, 2011

Marathon to Couch: Guaranteed Results in Six Months

This is not the typical fitness program, but it has become part of my journey.  Six months ago I ran a marathon; today I struggled to run/walk six miles.  My mind wants to push my body, but the body is winning – it’s stronger than my mind, these days.

I’m just around the corner to hitting my fifth month of pregnancy and I can finally tell.  Most of my regular clothing is out the window, with the exception of my overly attractive tighter than spandex running gear, I started to give in to some indulgent cravings (like my Saturday night ice cream float) and the baby has increased the level of kicking. 

For two straight weeks there has been enough snowfall to make a mess of the roads.  The residual slush gets pushed to the shoulder and eventually ices over.  Ordinarily I’d hit the pavement and approach those areas with caution.  Not this time.  I’m afraid to fall, so I haven’t run outside in a few weeks.  I have, however, been introduced to the idea of cross-training.  Prior to being pregnant I never cross-trained; if there was time in the day, running was the only option. 

Today, with Ava in good hands, Gus and I went to the snowy-covered trails of the Parkway to meet some friends for a run.  The guys are training for the Tough Mudder in April and I was just along for the ride…only six miles of the ride.  I started my watch and Gus took off like a bandit.  The remaining three of us filed in a straight line to follow the less-snowy groove in the path.  Once the trail opened up, Dan took off.  And then there were two…

Brian and I stayed together for the entire six miles, finding comfort in dry pavement and our silly stories about work, dating, pregnancy and snot-rockets.  At times it felt as if we weren’t going anywhere, but expending a lot of energy.  The snow didn’t offer a lot of traction when pushing off, so we easily became exhausted.  Just shy of the three mile mark we decided to walk.  The run/walk pattern continued for the rest of the hour and twenty minutes.  

My mind wants to believe that I can go faster, but my body knows better.  It’s becoming increasingly difficult for me to come to terms with this natural progression (although I feel like I’m in a regression), but I’m slowly getting there.  It’ll be difficult for me to accept any time over an hour for the Super Bowl 10K on February 6th, but I just need to deal with that.

In the future, there will be plenty of time for me to fret over race times, losing weight, speed training and running at the break of dawn.  Right now, I’m working harder than ever to create a beautiful human being.