Sunday, January 30, 2011

Quieting the Noise

Everyone needs an outlet for their stress.  I’ve found multiple outlets through out the course of my thirty-three years: food, boys, partying, yoga and running.  Some, as you can see, were healthier than others.  Since I discovered running I used that as my outlet to release my stress.  I can be ready in less than ten minutes to unplug and hit the road.  You may think that I’m running from the problem, but the time is used to clear my head and oftentimes, sort out the situation. 

If I need to embark on a decompression run the distance matters; three miles won’t do the trick.  I need at least a good hour to get my mind in the game.  I’m baptized in my sweat, a cleansing feeling, while my ocean-like breathing sets the rhythm for my pace.  I focus on the horizon, briefly glancing at the landscape in my peripheral. 

The recent weather prohibits me from running outside.  Quite honestly, I’m fearful that I will fall.  I’d like to think that I’m still fairly balanced at five months pregnant, but I shouldn’t get too cocky.  There’s no way I can put in a good hour running on the DREAD-mill, so I log what I can, wishing for better weather.  But the junk inside my head is starting to cloud my vision…I need an outlet. 

Yoga works to weed through some of my stress, but I can’t physically move into the ‘good’ poses.  I’ve been reading Eat, Pray, Love and I plan on giving meditation some serious consideration.  Ha!  Sounds like I’m just wasting time.  But, I want to try this; not sure where to start.  I’ll give it some real thought after I’m done with my small bowl of ice cream.