Sunday, March 27, 2011

Is There Anybody Out There?

No, I’m not referencing the Pink Floyd song.  I could see the possibility of people thinking that I would be blogging about music again, in lieu of the last post (Mixed Tape).  Not today.  I’m wondering if people even read these posts.  Perhaps there is a period of self-doubt that I’m going through.  Maybe I just hopped on another pregnancy hormone roller coaster and the exit appears to be no where in sight. 

I planned a vacation day this past Friday to get a much needed massage and run a few errands.  On my way to Bethlehem I thought about the next article I needed to write for Lehigh Valley Running Scene, which then spiraled into thoughts about my next Muffin blog post.  I must have just come off the first drop in the coaster since I was doubting my audience.  Does anyone even read this crap?  Is there anybody out there?

I’m not doing this for my health.  Well…sure I am.  It helps to clear out the mental garbage which should provide some clarity, right?  I’m doing this because I love to write.  I’m doing this because I enjoy sharing stories about myself with people.  I am doing this in the hopes that some of my stories will motivate the reader.  BUT IS ANYONE REALLY LISTENING?  Part of me hopes to be ‘discovered’ by a someone who will pay me to share these stories, and more, fwith an audience.  Ha. 

I can’t be discovered unless there are people out there.  Are you there?  Let me know.  Follow my blog, leave a comment, SAY SOMETHING!  I need to know that there are more than four or five people reading this.  I’m open to your feedback, opinions, likes/dislikes…  What do you want me to write about?  Maybe it’s my lifelong passion to obliterate every opponent I encounter in a heated game of Monopoly.  Maybe you’re interested in why I downloaded a Justin Beiber song.  Maybe you want to know weird things about me like why I don’t use conditioner, my barriers against sharing dairy products with people, and why I can’t walk into a new restaurant (or other public meeting place) ahead of everyone.  Maybe you just want me to stop writing.