Saturday, May 7, 2011


I’m not lazy, but sometimes I enjoy procrastinating.  I think that I work better under pressure; maybe this is just an illusion. 

So I typed those two sentences and moved on to transferring some music to my iPhone, got lost in Facebook and then attempted to blow up a Toy Story beach ball.  I’ve been meaning to blog about something, but I just decide to do something else…or three somethings else. 

The latest, large procrastination is getting ready for baby.  The baby is scheduled to arrive on June 2nd.  I have less than four weeks to get everything in order which includes sifting through Ava’s neutral gender newborn clothes (need to find that bin), wash the clothes and blankets (need to buy that baby detergent), pick up the second car seat adapter (must remember to call that friend), clean the nursery and get the crib set up again.  Sounds like a lot of stuff.  About two weeks ago it sounded like an afternoon of hard work; lately, it feels as if I’m not going to make it.  Oh, yeah, I need to find those bottles, too. 

I should compile list, but I need to make the grocery list first.  I’ll ask Ava what we’re having for dinner tonight.  I’m hungry.