Thursday, May 24, 2012

Even the Little Things Can Make a Huge Difference

My vacation starts tonight; I’m work-free through June 3rd.  I have no real set plans, just ideas of outdoor work, house cleaning, lounging, reading, writing and, of course, running.  This past week, albeit four jammed-packed days, presented challenges, both in the workplace and personally.  I’ve had some difficulty fitting in good gym sessions and tacking on the miles, but I matched that with eating a little less processed.  Aside from my daily two-Splenda cup of coffee and a few handfuls of Baked! Tostitos, I’ve honored my body.  Every morning I woke earlier and earlier; this morning I was up, without my alarm, at 5:10 am.  I stared dawn in the face and accepted the mission of grabbing every opportunity, ahem, while drinking my bold coffee and logging into work. 

So this vacation…I’ll honor my time by disabling work e-mail from my phone and leaving the tasks behind.  I hope to take a nap when it’s needed and go for long trail runs when the mood strikes.  I vow to sit on the deck, with drink in hand, under the umbrella, writing or reading.  I promise to keep ‘Corporate Christina’ under wraps by wearing minimal makeup and wrinkled clothes.  I guarantee at least three well-prepared, soul satisfying meals that scream ‘VACATION!’.