Thursday, May 23, 2013

Not in the Cards

This week has been just shy of insane.  Out of the ordinary work schedules has my body thinking that at present time it’s Saturday afternoon.  To complicate matters, the painter arrived on Wednesday afternoon (the REAL Wednesday; my Monday morning) to put the finishing touches on our recently refurbished kitchen.  Once again, we are without full use of the kitchen, so the usual morning and evening workflow could make the Tough Mudder look more appealing.  Today’s work schedule would prove challenging with a big girl meeting at 8 am (requiring more than business causal attire) and a whirlwind afternoon trip to Harrisburg. 
I didn’t have time to run this morning, but I deliberately got up early to get some yoga in the mix.  I rolled out my nearly shredded blue mat on the family room carpet before centering myself in Balasana (child’s pose).  Forty-five minutes and a few flow sequences later, I rolled up my mat, paying mind to not let any mat shreds hit the floor.  I walked through the shell of a kitchen to grab my mug while making my way to the dining room.  This space, for the past month or so, has been the dumping ground for everything kitchen during the project.  In recent days, the volume of shit in this room has picked up while acquiring items from the laundry room (which is also being painted).  Because the washer and dryer are parked in my garage spot, a small hamper of dirty clothes resides in the dining room.  I imagine we’ll be in a world of hurt after three days without the washer/dryer.  Thank God this is a three day weekend. 
Nevertheless, I fire up the Keurig (my morning companion), but she’s clearly pissed.  She didn’t brew me a full cup of coffee.  I got close to a half cup.  I think she might need a cleaning, but the silly side of me believes that she has a true personality and felt slighted when moved out of the new kitchen back into the dining room.  I didn’t get a very good cup of coffee.  I shuffled upstairs to get myself ready.  Not disturbed by the morning beverage glitch, I gleefully ironed my dress post shower.  For the second day, I found a lovely clip to pull my hair up.  I woke up the girls, got them dressed and directed them downstairs for shoes and snack.  Today was Show and Share for Ava – a camping theme – and she decided against her original idea which led me to the basement to find my Girl Scout mess kit.  Of course, the bin containing this item was underneath three boxes of crystal.  Grrr.
Mess kit, purse, phone, shoes (I wore flip flops to drive) and kids in hand, we walked through the kitchen into the garage.  Just like that the skies opened.  I ran to the car to get the umbrella and escort each child to their respective seat.  Less than five minutes later, we were off.  Two and a half miles into the trip, I became very insecure about my hair (yes, I’m a girl) and I ripped the clip out of my damp hair and tousled my mane free.  Well, there goes that.  How annoying.  I parked the car at daycare, paying careful attention to where the puddles resided.  Both girls walked with me to the sidewalk without incident.  I arrived at the meeting location with enough time to spare for a coffee run.  I hit the cafeteria deciding on tea instead.  Unsure of the building layout, I took the elevator to the fifth floor and found the conference room.  Meeting start…rubble, rubble…meeting adjourned…Bye. 
I made it to my office for a couple of power hours before leaving for Harrisburg.  I wasn’t even sure why I was going, but apparently someone ‘inspiring ‘would be the guest speaker.  I should have mapped it out before responding yes – the trip, one way, would take 90 minutes.  I’d spend roughly 2 1/2 hours there before heading back home again.  I would have rather driven to New York for the afternoon.  Traffic sucked; the volume of asshole truck drivers was fairly obscene.  I envisioned myself getting cut off or flipping my car.  Thankfully, I picked up free Sirius radio and listed to Pearl Jam most of the way (oh, with a few featured songs from INXS, David Bowie, and Led Zeppelin). 
Parking seemed sketchy and I was in no mood to search for a deck blocks away from the venue, which happened to be a Lutheran Church.  Random.  A few spaces were available in front of the church, but the meter only took quarters.  I had one nickel, one penny and a useless debit card.  I parked my car there anyway.  I figured that my convenience outweighed the cost of any parking ticket.  Meeting start…rubble, rubble…the speaker was actually very inspiring…I left ten minutes early…Bye. 
Back in the damn car.  No ticket, yay!  Gas running low.  Stomach growls.  Oh yeah, I didn’t have time for lunch.  Crap.  Traffic.  I hate 81 and all those damn trucks.  Oh, look Pearl Jam.  Thank God I brought those flip flops.  Sooo, anywhoo, I make it to day care with approximately ten minutes to spare without getting an overtime charge.  Hubbs calls to inform me that the guys are still working on the walls (sanding) and the kitchen it basically sealed and unusable.  We will need to embark on another dine-out experience with the ladies.  Order food…nosh, nosh…’Mommy, can I try your…’…check…Bye. 
The ladies are in bed, hubbs is playing hockey and I’m sprawled out on the couch watching the Rangers’ try to save their chances at playing a game 5 in the second round of the playoffs.  It’s overtime now.  Ugh.  I just finished devouring a half pint size of real Italian ice (YumYum from Lyndhurst Pastry Shop in Jersey) and I don’t feel the least bit guilty.   It’s really been a hell of a week.  I can’t wait to not go to work.  I will get up early tomorrow, but I plan to run the hell out of the pavement.  I need the time to get my mojo working.  Looks like the Rangers got theirs (overtime win!!!). 

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