Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Space Cadet

It's a challenge returning to work on a Monday, especially after a great weekend. As the days get longer, I'm a little more relaxed, generally speaking. Oftentimes, I use the extra daylight to procrastinate regular tasks such as putting the kids to bed at a decent hour. We spend more time outside playing and just being free. A working Monday will change all that with the shock of an alarm clock. This past Monday was no different.
I continue to shuffle through every work day with a slow progression to the weekend. Yoga Wednesday is the longest day of the week for me. I spend a full day at work then zip to my four hour yoga teacher training class. Some days I'm not sure how I function, but I just train myself to do it.
I sat in on an interesting work conversation today, Yoga Wednesday. The meeting conversation, held over lunch, focused primarily on the environment of a computer application. I won't bore you with all the details, but the gist of the conversation was between two technical resources. They discussed space. Simply, in order to run an effective environment enough space must be allocated to store the data. This will result in efficient processes and computing all the while maintaining optimal performance. That's the simple explanation.
These two gentlemen carried on a sidebar about the amount of space, price of space, availability of space and the reallocation of space. All this space, mind you, is completely virtual. For a while, I couldn't believe the topic. It all seemed surreal. We were actually talking about space. It started to make my head hurt. At some point, I believe that I went deaf as my eyesight started to fade. Hours after the meeting, my eyeballs throbbed. I stopped home before class to remove my contacts.I forgot to take ibuprofen before leaving. I prayed my visual aches wouldn't advance.
Tonight's class topic was yoga pose cueing. We were called on to make observations of the 'key components' in certain poses to help structure a verbal cue or provide direction to a student. For example, when standing at the top of the mat, the instructor should kindly remind the student to ground their feet into the mat and to stand tall by lifting though the crown of the head. These two verbal assists could be a world of change for a practitioner. As we continued the round table, we started talking about the importance of the breath and how it's used to create space. Hmmm, space again? Taking a deep breath will create some space in the back and help release any tension in that area. Now this is the kind of space I can work with.
We indirectly practiced space creation with students by helping them relax into poses and also by helping them breathe by offering gentle reminders or putting our hands on them to feel their breathing.
I can see both the lack of and the gain of this space. I can help create this space. Oh, and did I mention, this space is free. I can get this space whenever I want. This space absolutely helps me tolerate work conversations about THAT space.

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