Saturday, July 20, 2013

My Faux Pas

This morning, while surfing the InterWebs I discovered a hilarious slideshow from Runner’s World related to Runner Fashion Faux Pas.  I couldn’t resist. 

Here are MY Top 5:

  1. Wild Hair – for some reason, during most races I’m forever annoyed with my pony tail.  Too loose, too tight, too high, too low, too bouncy, too swingy.  Whatever the excuse, my hair situation clearly affects my mental well-being.  How do I resolve?  I let my hair down, of course. 
  2. Shorts Over Tights – during the colder Winter months I wear my cold gear tights.  Sometimes I’m compelled to throw on a pair of shorts on top.  This way I don’t feel so, well…naked 
  3. Make Up – I never leave home without mascara.  Period.
  4. Inappropriate Shorts Length – During the warmer months (March/April – November), if I’m not wearing a skirt, I’m wearing very short shorts. 
  5. “Clashy-Clashy” – Most of my gear (especially for races) includes flashy patterns and loud colors.  I don’t even care if nothing matches.  To polish off the look, I might accessorize with my hot pink and orange Vibrams.