Saturday, March 1, 2014

Blasted Back to Reality

February is the shortest month.  February 2014 was packed with enough bustling around.  I can't believe it's over and we survived.  
Earlier this month, I traveled to Wisconsin.  Yes, Wisconsin in February.  "Who does that?" I heard frequently.  C'mon, people.  If you knew me AT ALL, I'd book a one way trip to Arizona, Aruba or even Florida - anything to get away from this season called Winter.  The PA folks are getting screwed up here with the bone chilling temperatures and the steady dumping of snow.  I WANT OUT.  Wisconsin was a whirlwind of a trip for work.  I spent one day, two nights in class and battling the cold.  The low during my short time there was -14.  That's MINUS FOURTEEN.  I traveled bundled up with two pairs of gloves, a hat and my two layer ski coat (even though I don't ski).  Strangely, I noted people walking around with exposed hands and NO hats.  WHO DOES THAT?  I was thrilled to return to the east coast when 20 degree weather warranted leaving the coat in the car.    
The following week presented the usual life challenges of balancing family and work complicated with snow cancelations/delays.  Yet again, we survived to welcome another weekend paired with much warmer temperatures and sunshine.  The weekend wrapped up and I sadly said good-bye to my family again as I left them curbside to hop another plane.  This time, I traveled to Florida (again for work).  I don't normally travel for business, let alone twice in the same month.  A large group made the trek to Orlando for a Health Care IT conference - some have dubbed it the Super Bowl of Health Care IT.  If you're asked to go to this conference, consider it an honor.  
I learned a lot.  Here's the summary (in no particular order):
  • Just when you settle in and start to accept what's face value - it's a trap!
  • Take advantage of a swimming pool, even if it's for five minutes.
  • Downtown Disney (or anything Disney) makes me sad when I'm without my kids and husband.
  • Orlando is one of the sketchiest towns I've visited.  
  • Tequila is to Muffin as Kryptonite is to Superman (a lesson I learn time and time again).
  • Traveling with a large group yields a lot of laughs.  
  • I work with some great people who absolutely have my back.  You know who you are.  Thank you.
  • I'm determined enough to workout in the worlds shittiest fitness 'centers' just to log a few miles for stress relief.  
  • If traveling to a different climate, try on your warmer weather clothes BEFORE you commit to bringing them (or make sure you pack a lot of safety pins).  
  • Don't get your heart set on passing a Starbucks in the airport.  It leads to major disappointment.  
  • You can never pack too many travel snacks.
  • A sixteen minute flight isn't worth the aggravation of major turbulance, spontaneous tears and a queasy stomach.  
  • Holding my kids and being held by my husband is a nice reminder of my great life.