Saturday, June 20, 2015

The Last Twenty Four Hours

The title of my post sounds like a steamy novel, or maybe a blockbuster movie about binge drinking in college, or maybe even a mini-series about a housewife being held in captivity.  Much to your dismay, this post contains NONE of these themes; well, most likely not...I think.
I had a scheduled day off this past Monday, planned weeks earlier with a friend.  The original idea was to hit the trails, but unstable weather put a wrench in that scheme.  We decided to take it down a notch and drop into a yoga class.  Prior to arriving, I checked out the instructor's profile to get an idea of the yoga style - Power Yoga; okay, I can get behind that.  The instructor looked cute; I knew this would be a win for my friend - no brainer.
I dropped off my car for service (and yes, the breaks STILL squeal).  There's nothing more stereotypical than a young woman dressed in yoga clothes getting out of a Subaru Forester with her BPA free water bottle and a top of the line yoga mat.  I handed over my keys to the gentleman behind the desk and walked to my friend's car, ahem, Subaru.  We picked up some beverages from Dunkin Donuts (my ushe: hot tea with sugah) before zipping across town to the studio.  After checking in, we got ourselves situated in the warm room.  Although the humidity of late spring showers hung in the air, the heaters were cranked to their almost hotter-than-hell setting.  I loved it!
We were led through a Power Yoga flow with enough sun salutations and standing lunges to set the coldest corner of the earth on fire.  A few times, I found myself backing out of a Warrior pose to relieve the illumination in my quadriceps.  The practice transitioned to a pair of balancing poses, one of them being Eagle Pose (Garudasana).  I love this pose for a number of reasons; let me count the ways: 1). both the arms and the legs are heavily involved - opposing forces;  2). the stretch in the upper back is one of the best, especially on the inhale; 3). the hip/IT band stretch really wrings me out, in a good way; and, last but not least 4). there is something so uplifting when i slide my top leg across its counterpart and wrap my foot around the hind calf.
I digress.
As the group was led into the pose, the instructor began to talk some gibberish about the origins of the pose and once fully executed, the body begins to recall the last 24 hours.  So there I was, in Gaurdasana blanking on what I had done during that time.  Yup, I had no clue; it was refreshing.  I didn't hurt myself trying to find those memories and I certainly did not do a damned thing to project the occurrences in the next 24 hours.

I, at that point in my life, just was.