Monday, May 18, 2009

In a fog

Over the weekend a friend named John came over to till my garden.  Gus and I decided on doubling the size based on all the plants that I started from seed.  His view point was that the larger the garden the less grass he’d be responsible to cut.  I was grateful for John’s help and so excited to get started on the season.

Sunday afternoon rolled around and while Ava was napping I got in the dirt and planted everything I could.  Any time I walked past a window I couldn’t help but sneak a peek at my garden.

Before I knew it Monday slapped me in the face.  I slept in, no running today, and make a pretty kick ass pot of coffee.  Seriously, folks…it’s some type of European blend.  It was blacker than potting soil!  I thought that this cup of joe would kick-start my day, but I was sorely mistaken.  My attempt to get the little girl out the door proved to be a taxing task…I ran out and back into the house three times.  I forgot her bed sheet, then I realized that I didn’t have ‘work appropriate’ shoes on.  Then something else forced me back inside.  Ugh.  It took me about 10 minutes to leave the garage. 

Not too long after getting to work I was inundated with phone calls from various peers sharing the news, as it happened, of the people who were leaving the department against their preferences.  From that point forward, if I hadn’t already lost focus on the day, my focus was completely gone.  I trudged through the rest of the morning, motivated only by the fact that I am going away next week and I have a lot of tasks to get in order.  I decided to hit the gym over lunch to relieve some nervous energy and refocus my mind.

The objective sounded easily attainable, but it proved to be out of reach.  I don’t remember walking over to the gym, nor do I  even remember getting changed.  I wasn’t prepared to run, so I hopped on an elliptical.  My MP3 player blasted tunes in my ears, but I don’t remember hearing anything; there were large screen tv’s in front of my line of sight, but I can’t tell you what I watched.  I was in a complete fog; absolutely affected by the events of the morning. 

I think that I broke a sweat and I think that I did enough stretching, but it didn’t rejuvenate me as I had hoped.  I shuffled to the local pizza shop to pick up my salad and headed back to my cube.

The rest of the day was a blur.  Before I knew it the clock said 4 and I was wrapping up for the day.  I was craving a drink, but I don’t have the stomach for alcohol anymore, so that was out of the question.   I blasted some music on my way to pick up Ava, but I didn’t even hear the words.

Maybe tomorrow will be a different day…perhaps I’ll regain my focus.  I’ll hit the road in the morning for a few miles of a run.  Hopefully that will clear my head.

It’s going to be cold tomorrow morning…I’ll have to break out the gloves and hat.  Did I mention that there’s a frost advisory for tonight?  I had to cover all my newly planted fruits and vegetables; I hope they survive the night.  They’re probably confused, too…in a fog.