Monday, February 6, 2012

Yup, I Still Got It

I know you’re with me when I say this – some days just suck. 

Today started off with a bang; well, maybe that’s misleading.  A ‘bang’ would lead you to believe that I jumped out of bed, seized the sunrise in the palm of my hand and decided to go for broke.  Instead, today went something like this: I hit snooze, maybe once; I’m not sure.  I woke to hear the baby fussing in her crib, so I hobbled, literally hobbled, down the steps to fix myself some punch-you-in-the-face coffee and make a bottle for the princess.  She stopped crying long enough for me to slink into the scalding hot shower.  I hoped the water would shock my body into the week routine and rinse the defeat created by the scale, but, alas, I had a case of the Monday’s (sorry, I had to).  The next thirty minutes were a blur of diaper, bottle, eyeliner, hair, toothpaste, skirt/jacket/hose (in an attempt to pick up my mood), refill water bottle, pack lunch, good morning, poka-dot-dress for the first princess, Chex snack bag, start car, prep kids for outside and hit the road.  I dropped the kids off and headed to work.    

Most of my morning was spent working on someone else’s problem – not sure how to account for that lost time – while I fought back the urge to graze on the plethora of snacks I have at my desk.  Just before noon, I grabbed my back pack, water and my purse.  Wait, where’s my purse?  Oh yes, awesome, my purse is IN THE HOUSE.  I RARELY BRING IT IN FROM THE CAR.  WHY?  And just like that I needed my lip gloss…that was in my purse…that was sitting in the kitchen.  Boy, my lips felt chapped.  What else do I have in my purse that I need immediately?

I headed out with all my items, sans purse, to put some real time in at the gym.  I logged my daily mile to satisfy my 2012 Run Streak, hit the weights and tried to stretch the sore out of my calves.  I successfully checked out of life during this one hour period; wish I could do that more often.  The afternoon flew by with the help of corn chowder and two late meetings.  Sadly, I took the elevator up one flight of stairs and walked out of the building to my car.  MY CALVES!  DID I TELL YOU ABOUT MY CALVES?   I needed to get gas, so on my way to get the girls I stopped at WaWa.

The gas cap is on the right side of my car, so I turned off the main road and pulled into the spot next to pump number five.  I’m not sure why, but lately, every time I get gas it’s stinking windy out.  And we’re in February people, no matter how ‘warm’ it’s been, that wind can be bitter cold.  My hair got blown around every which way while I tried to snuggle my head down into my scarf.  The pump shut off, I put the nozzle back, secured the gas cap and ran to the other side of my car.  In the meantime, another Subaru pulled in front of mine and two gentlemen got out – the driver was a man my age (which I’m not telling you) and the passenger was a little older, maybe in his late fifties.   The driver (his name has to be Eric) took one sweet long look at me.  Yup, he dug me.  He watched me gently pass his car as I made my way out of the parking lot.  I swear he watched me the entire time it took me to drive away.  Yup, I still got it. 

What an ego boost!  Some random man checked me out…and he was pretty hardcore about it.   Let’s be honest – I could have sold tickets for that event.  Wow.  Close your mouth, buddy.  Yikes.  I pull out of the parking lot and check myself out in the rear view mirror.  Yup, that’s a big pile of dried baby snot and drool.  Awesome.  Well, maybe he was checking out my hot ride.  Sure, it’s automatic, but it’s a turbo.  AND NO, IT’S NOT A STATION WAGON!