Friday, November 28, 2014

Multiple Streaks

I opened my eyes to the sound of my children singing songs in what I thought were the wee hours of the morning.  I checked my phone to see it just shy of 8 am.  Wow.  I slept until 8 am and the kids didn't wake me any earlier.  I'd like to think they were quiet enough to not wake me, but I'm more likely to believe that they got some extra sleep.  After a round of coffee, we zipped over to drop off my car for the break check and went home to get ready for Philly to see the 1 pm Rangers/Flyers game.  We ate shit for lunch, the girls cheered for the Flyers (which was adorable considering their choice in team) and I walked away a happy Ranger fan (Rangers 3 - Flyers 0).

Pregame Family Pic
I picked up my car after the game.  Thankfully, the screeching sound was the result of a rock wedged between the front break and the disc.  The mechanics removed the rock and completed my inspection.  I zipped to the grocery story for a few items.  Dinner consisted of leftover turkey sandwiches.  I got the kids settled with their sandwiches so I could get my mile in.

Outfit: Long sleeve, hooded shirt under a tee shirt paired with lightweight fleece jam pants.

Pre-mile warm up: Whelp, I was going in the basement anyway, so I quickly gathered up the Fall/Thanksgiving decorations and put them away in their bin.  Three trips did the trick.

I immediately started running an 8:55 while cursing the loose waist band and my glasses.  I hate running with glasses.  I tried to hold up my pants with no success.  I placed my glasses on the ledge of the display and increased the speed.  As I reached 1/4 mile, I desperately wanted to rip off my long sleeve shirt.  I sucked it up, increasing the speed.  The faster I'd run, the faster it'd be over.
I ended my mile at a 7:30 pace and took the speed back down to a brisk walk.

Post Mile
Rangers have won 2 out of 2 games against the Flyers.  Will they maintain the streak, like me, by winning tomorrow?  Let's Go Rangers!!!