Wednesday, November 26, 2014


I'm going streaking.
I went streaking a few years ago.
Um, let me clarify -  A RUN STREAK.
In 2011, I participated in a run streak.  The goal was to run one (1) mile every day from Thanksgiving to New Year's.  It's just one mile, right?  On days I didn't hit the road to log some miles, I'd shuffle down to my basement to run 1 mile on my dreadmill. I've run miles a number of ways just to get it done — barefoot in my jammies, wearing old sneakers and jeans, wearing a sweatshirt and no pants, half asleep some nights while holding on to the handlebars, engaging in a near sprint to bank that mile just before midnight (I may have passed out on the couch before I made it to the basement), drunk after an indulgent evening...and the list goes continues.  It's really only 1 mile, but some days, it was the longest mile known to man.  

So again, in 2014, I will participate in the run streak, but I'm going to double the streaking: I will publish one blog post to catalog my daily mile.  

Here's what I'm asking of you:
Please follow this blog to share in my journey.  Maybe it'll encourage you to join me, maybe you'll be turned off to never read my crap again.  Either way, I'm making a difference.  :)    

After's only ONE MILE. 

Yes.  We're Going Streaking!