Sunday, December 14, 2014

Ciao, Bella!

Today's Sunday was all about cultural heritage, specifically, Italian heritage.  Ava selected Italy as her featured country.  She learned words like 'ciao', 'arrivederci', and 'famiglia' from my Dad.  He talked to her about his family and where in Italy ('the high-heeled boot, as Ava referenced) they originated. My Mom made pizzelle's (oldest Italian cookie) with her; they made enough to feed each of Ava's classmates.  I spent the afternoon making tomato sauce (ahem, gravy) to accompany my rice ball with beef casserole.  Thank God for sharp provolone.

Domenica lezioni di italiano con nonno
I topped off my Sunday supper with two glasses of wine before hitting the treadmill for my mile.  The wine sloshed in my belly with each stride; I occasionally grabbed onto the handrails to catch myself.  I definitely ran my slowest mile in a while.  I couldn't believe that I ran 8-ish minute miles yesterday; I could barely muster a 10 minute mile.

Photography Credit: Jill Forsythe
I didn't run my fastest yesterday, but I had a great time, considering it was my first cross country experience.  For most of the race I hung with that woman in the green singlet.  We played a game of 'Frogger' mid-race, until I finally passed her on a hilly turn.  I caught up with her after we crossed to congratulate her on a great race.  She helped me kick it at the end.
And, today, I couldn't even run a 9 minute mile.
Damn you, running...playing games with my head.