Monday, December 15, 2014


I got up at 4:35 this morning to meet the ladies for a 5 am run.  The temperature hovered just above 40 degrees, but the recent lack of sunshine is sucking the light from my soul.  I wore way more clothing than I should have — initially, I felt comfortable in my layers; by the time I hit two miles, I felt the material suffocating me.  Our miles in darkness, with no headlamps, tested our ability to sustain a zippy pace. I wanted to walk a few times, but pressed on; that decision was a matter of pride.  Four lousy miles later, we were done.

And, on went the day.

Here I sit, sixteen hours later, on my couch.  The pillows envelop me, trying to keep me protected from the cold.  Soon, it's happening already, the pillows will consume me and take me from the rest of this day.  Just like the tapestry that hung in my college dorm — consuming those who fell victim to the trance.

Perhaps, that's a story for tomorrow?