Monday, December 8, 2014

Swirling Cups of Tea

I completely forgot that I didn't post a blog yesterday. This run/blog streak has me questioning my activities in the day.  "Did I run my mile already?"  Sometimes a mile is a single event, whereas other times, it's sandwiched between other miles.  Today was a different story.  Some of the Crazies and I planned to run this morning, but for varying reasons it was not going to happen for any of us.  During the colder, darker months I swear that my usually dormant mono comes to life.  The lack of sun does a number on my psyche and begins to tear down my muscles.  Perhaps most of these feelings (both mentally and physically) are just the result of hypochondriac thinking; perhaps they are not.  Nevertheless, I could barely move my body this morning.  Of course, I became annoyed that I didn't take advantage of the opportunity knock off my mile in the wee hours of the morning.  Instead, I juggled many thoughts, one of them trying to figure out when I'd run.
I worked from home today, but needed to go in for a meeting closer to end of day.  All that changed by 9 am, when the appointment got rescheduled for 1 pm.  Well, crap, there goes my opportunity to Runch (run at lunch).  The remainder of the afternoon unfolded to offer me only one time slot - after the girls' bedtime.  As minutes blossomed into hours, my body began to break down.  Everything started to hurt.  I felt uncomfortable in my skin.  The nagging back pain that presents when I have abdominal pain returned.  I tried to stretch out my aches to no avail.  Suddenly, I was craving a full yoga practice.  Wow.  A full yoga practice (for me - Ashtanga Primary Series) takes roughly 90 minutes from start to finish.  I certainly wouldn't have that kind of time to crank that out, but my body told me it had to happen.  She can be so bossy.
I made a delicious dish of chicken marsala and a side of massaged kale with orange peppers and tangerine pieces.  I tried to eat light knowing that I'd be running a mile and possibly hitting the mat.  Allison played with scissors (in the most appropriate way), while the hubbs and I worked with Ava on her cultural project for school.  Thirty minutes from bedtime, the girls watched a short show with a bowl of popcorn in hand.  Two empty bowls later, I put the girls to bed and ran my mile.

Damn you, left hamstring for annoying the rest of my left leg.  Back off shoulders get away from my ears.  Ugh, I needed a good stretch in the worst way.  I hit my mile and shut off the treadmill before heading upstairs to the warm family room.  The pellet stove blasted heat from it's belly.  I unrolled my mat facing the stove hoping to get lost in the fire.  I set the TV to the jazz channel and began my practice with 5 Sun Salutation A's.  My eyes got lost in the fire and my mind got lost in the jazz.  I was reminded of cool/cold nights sitting in my dorm room with a good friend.  (It felt like) every night, we'd sit adjacent to each other, with an end table between us listening to jazz radio.  The paraphernalia on the table included two steaming hot mugs of Earl Grey tea, dressed with sugar cubes and cream.  We drank and smoked; we talked and listened.  We got lost and didn't want to be found.  And that's where I wound up this evening.  I got lost in my mat and opted to not be found.