Monday, December 1, 2014

Lunchtime Lynchpin

Instead of meeting up with the ladies for a 5 am 5 mile run, I opted to snuggle a little longer.  Ahhh, the extra snoozing time was needed.  This morning was relatively relaxed as it came to the usual get ready routing.  Alli wanted to snuggle and Ava had difficulties waking up.  I struggled with a fresh pimple on my face, a situation temporarily relieved by a delicious cup of coffee.
Ava and the hubbs went to the bus stop while I stayed behind organizing my items for the day ahead. I heard the bus cruising by the house and immediately walked into the dining room to peer out the window.  The red lights on the cheese wagon flashed until the bug resumed movement.  I blew a kiss and said good-bye with a wave as the bus coasted over the hill.  A wave of sadness crashed over me.  

I felt distracted the rest of the day, but I logged a mile prior to lifting over lunch.  I tried my best to focus on the work, at hand, but I was mildly distracted by the gym rats who spent more time socializing and flexing in the mirror than actually doing anything physical.  As that lunchtime mile faded further into the distance of my day, I became more and more thankful for getting it out of the way.  I longed to get home, throw on my pajamas and have a glass of wine.  My evening didn't turn out as glamorous, but I did accomplish those tasks.  

So here I sit, listening to the sound of the heat and the spin of the washing machine by myself.  I'm struggling to stay awake, but I need to get those clothes in the dryer.  And finish this obligatory post.